Because of her mother being addicted to drugs, Angelique grew up couch surfing between her relative’s homes. Not having a consistent place to stay Angelique’s academics suffered making it difficult to maintain her grades. Finally, she was able to find a stable living situation at her grandmother’s home. However, there were many people staying under one roof. Given that many people lived with her and her grandmother, Angelique had work in order to provide for herself and not depend too heavily on her grandmother. Often she stayed up late into the night to get all of her homework completed in time for the following day.

After coming to YOTO Angelique qualified for a monthly stipend check because of the grade she had been working so hard to maintain. The money she received allowed her to depend less on her grandmother and also provided her a way to pay for her senior prom.

After graduating high school, Angelique hopes to continue her studies at Pima Community College. She intends to graduate from PCC with an associate’s degree in general studies. Upon completing her degree, Angelique plans to pursue her dreams of becoming a cosmetologist.