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Get to Know: Glynda Underwood, Board Member

As a young child, Glynda moved around a lot… enjoying the opportunity to visit new cities/states and meet new people! She was born in a small town in East Texas where she lived with her grandparents until she was 12. Afterwards, she moved to Gary, Indiana, to live with her mother and step-father. Glynda [...]

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Get to Know: William Taylor, Board Member

William, a local general dentist, has been practicing dentistry for 9 years. The Shreveport, Louisiana native came to Tucson to become a University of Arizona Wildcat. William, prior to college, had always gravitated to science-related courses and topics. As an undergraduate student, he explored multiple science and healthcare related options but enjoyed the artistic [...]

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Get to Know: Bob Villamana, Board Member

Bob grew up in suburban New York in the town of Eastchester. The middle child, Bob has been lucky to stay close with his siblings, especially his younger sister. After growing up in New York, Bob attended Georgetown University in Washington D.C. and served on the school’s Student Council with Bill Clinton! Upon graduation, [...]

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