Due to the disruptions caused by COVID-19, YOTO students have found themselves in need of even more support than usual. Since March, we have asked our YOTO family members to help us provide urgent financial assistance to YOTO students by donating to the COVID-19 Emergency Fund. Both our staff and our students have been awed and inspired by the way our community has been stepping up to help! As one student recently shared: “Thank you for all the resources. YOTO always has my back!”

As you may know, throughout the school year YOTO provides financial support to students in the form of a stipend based on their school attendance and grades. However, because of the unique challenges our YOTO students are facing this summer, YOTO will be adding a special Summer Stipend to further support our youth!

Over the next two months, we are trying to raise the $220,000 that we estimate this stipend will cost. This is a daunting goal, but we believe this support will be extremely helpful to our students.

Your support has already been crucial to helping YOTO youth stay stable and safe. THANK YOU. Truly, because of YOU, YOTO youth are inspired to stay the course and make it through the changes and challenges that are facing our entire community. We are immensely grateful for all the members of our YOTO Family and hope you are all safe, stable, and healthy!