“Nonprofits can be persuasive advocates because we know firsthand how public policy decisions directly impact the communities we serve. YOTO uses its organizational influence to amplify the voices of our youth and advocate for changes that will improve their opportunities for long-term success.”

– YOTO’s Advocacy Committee


Why Advocacy?

Youth On Their Own both delivers direct social services and advocates for just and equitable public policies that will help change conditions that give rise to the need for our services and/or improve the long‐term success of YOTO youth. Since 2023, YOTO has articulated its advocacy priorities through a board-approved Advocacy Platform which complies with our organization’s Advocacy Policy.

Advocacy Activities

Most of YOTO’s advocacy activities are intended to raise public awareness about systems-level challenges impacting the lives of YOTO youth and/or YOTO as an organization. Occasionally, when approved by the board, YOTO may take a formal position on a piece of legislation.

Advocacy Platform

YOTO’s Advocacy Platform includes five focus areas: Funding for K-12 public education, access to postsecondary education, access to affordable housing, access to basic needs, and tax incentives for YOTO donors. To view, save, or print this document, click the image below.

Position Statements

The YOTO board may vote to take an organizational position on proposed or existing legislation. When that occurs, YOTO will provide a statement explaining the organization’s position and any actions it has taken. Those statements will be posted here as they become available.

Get Involved!

If you’d like to join YOTO in our advocacy efforts, please contact Daniel Armenta for more information: [email protected]