Monthly Giving Club

Over the last five years, YOTO has experienced an astonishing increase in the number of youth experiencing homelessness served; however, we know that there are still many more youth we need to reach. Together, we can meet the challenge and make a BIG impact by ensuring all youth experiencing homelessness have access to the education they deserve.

Join our Monthly Giving Club today and make a difference! Select any monthly donation amount of your choosing and you can enjoy the ease of monthly automated debits from your checking account or credit card while also making a BIG, sustainable impact in the life of a youth experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity.

With your first gift to Youth On Their Own, you become a friend to a young person in need. With your second gift, you show them the care and commitment of a family member – something they lack, but desperately need. Now, it is your chance to make a tremendous impact.

  • Saves you time and postage
  • Offers ongoing, desperately needed support to a youth experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity.

If you would prefer to send your monthly gift by automatic debit from your checking account, please call (520) 293-1136.

Did You Know?

Donations made to Youth On Their Own qualifies for the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit! Rather than making a tax credit gift in one lump sum, you can make easy, monthly gifts ($33 for individuals or $66 for couples) that add up to the full tax credit amount by the end of the calendar year. The best part? Instead of paying state taxes without any control over how your money is being spent, you can redirect these funds to a cause you care deeply about. If you have any questions, please email [email protected] or call (520) 545-0598.