YOTO Inspiration Library

Do you have an encouraging story you’d like to share with a YOTO student? You can share your story here at YOTO’s Inspiration Library!

What is the Inspiration Library?

We know that many of our YOTO Family members identify with YOTO’s mission because they themselves experienced adversity in their youth. When YOTO youth are facing challenges, we find it helpful to share such stories with them to remind them that things can get better. By submitting a story to the Inspiration Library, you can help inspire youth experiencing homelessness with your own story.

What kind of stories can be submitted?

Any story! The purpose of the Inspiration Library is to offer encouraging words to YOTO youth. Even if you don’t have a particular story to share, we welcome your words of encouragement!

Are the stories made public?

Unless we have your permission to share your story to a larger audience, stories and words of encouragement will be shared only with students. In other words, the library is private!

I want to submit a story. How does it work?

Use your phone to take a short video. When you’re done, upload the video at the link below. We suggest that you stick to a few guidelines:

  • Hold your phone horizontally.
  • Keep your video relatively short; we suggest 1-2 minutes max.
  • Try to minimize background noise so that you can be heard clearly.
  • Think about what you would have wanted to hear if you were in a student’s shoes.
  • Feel free to share stories in English and in Spanish!

Thank you, YOTO Family, for continuing to support and inspire young people in our community!