Bianca has lived in fear for most of her life. The only child of two drug addicts, chaos and uncertainty were the only constants at her house. Her parents barely noticed her comings and goings, much less cared whether she went to school. It was Bianca who discovered her father dead of an overdose early one morning. After that, she was moved to a group home, then to a foster family, and then back into the custody of her mother.

Eventually, Bianca realized that for her own safety she needed to leave her mother’s house. She moved in with an uncle who, though living in near poverty, was able to provide her with a loving and supportive home. After a school counselor told her about Youth On Their Own her senior year, she was accepted into the program and began receiving a monthly stipend, allowing her to buy some basic necessities her uncle couldn’t afford.

Bright and responsible, Bianca participates in extracurricular activities at school and has diverse interests such as dance, music, and science. She is on track to graduate this spring and is filling out college applications for the fall.