After thousands upon thousands of fights with his mother, Miles had gotten used to the abuse: it was all he had ever known. One day, he realized that he and his mother would never have the loving relationship that he longed for: she kicked him out of the house without any hesitation. Although it was a stressful and difficult time in his life, Miles ultimately knew that leaving this unstable and toxic home environment was for the best. He and his girlfriend, also homeless, began to hop from couch to couch and did whatever they could to make ends meet. During this time, Miles not only held down a 9-to-5 job, but also managed to go to school full-time.

Eventually, both Miles and his girlfriend were referred to Youth On Their Own by a school administrator and were finally on their way to stability. They have big dreams plans to attend college, launch their own business, and start a family. For Miles, the YOTO staff have been instrumental in his success… always lending a helping hand, offering financial and academic support, and simply acting as caring mentors when he had no one else. It is through YOTO’s continued support that he strives to build a better life for himself, dreams of becoming a business owner, and hopes to evolve into a community leader to make Tucson a better place.

In Miles’s own words, “If I could meet with the donors of Youth On Their Own, I would give them a huge hug. I want them to know how much their efforts have changed my life – and the lives of all YOTO students – for the better.”