To have someone believe in me enough to donate their money for my future leaves me speechless every time I think about it. I’ve never had family who believed in me or supported what I did, though I did have lovely friends who believed in me more than anything.

But for total strangers believing that I could do something better with myself and proving to them I can, is something totally new for me. This opportunity opened up so many new windows in my life, and helped me to realize that there’s help out there and it’s okay to take it when offered.

Taking help was really hard for me because of how young I had to start being independent, which built up a lot of stubborn pride. But I couldn’t let that get in the way of my future. This scholarship not only put a smile in my heart, hope for my future, and faith in myself, but also added to the fire under my butt to do more for myself.

I wish the gracious people that give these scholarships could really understand what this means to me. I am beyond thankful and grateful… I’m lost for words. But if there’s anything I really want for these awesome people to know is that they indeed saved a life. They have unchained me from the negative abyss pulling me down, and once I got to the top there was a pat on my back that said “you got this Jennifer” and I’ve been walking (slowly but surely) through my journey with my head up.

All my thanks to the people who gave me a chance for a better future. Like I said, thank you will never be enough, but thank you and God Bless.