Like many families in America these days, Leticia’s was hit hard by the failing economy. Unable to keep up on their house payments, Leticia’s family home was foreclosed, forcing the family to move in with Leticia’s older sister, but that proved to be an unhealthy and volatile living situation for the entire family. Leticia’s older sister started drinking heavily after her divorce a couple of year’s prior and would often get into fights and arguments with her and her parents. Soon after being kicked out of her sister’s house, Leticia’s parents moved away from Tucson leaving Leticia completely alone.

Fortunately, Leticia had a good friend with whom she could stay. Despite her family turmoil and being left by her parents, Leticia remained steadfast in her desire to accomplish her goals. She played first chair violin in her high school orchestra, and plans to continue to play in the orchestra at Pima Community College, where she will be studying next year. Leticia celebrated her graduation in May 2011. Thanks to a loyal YOTO donor and his wife, who wanted to help with post- secondary education, Letty was one of 25 YOTO graduates that applied for and was awarded a full 2-year scholarship to Pima Community College,. Leticia has always dreamt of becoming a successful business owner and entrepreneur.

Youth On Their Own has been able to help Leticia to aspire to her dreams because of donors like you! With her perseverance and determination, there is no doubt that she will accomplish whatever she puts her mind to.