Memorial Day is known for being a day of remembrance.  ZumbaHabit, a local fitness club, has also made it a day to give back to the community.  Each Memorial Day, ZumbaHabit holds a fundraiser for a local charity.  This year, ZumbaHabit raised $497 for Youth On Their Own, and we are so appreciative!

The fundraiser was a 90 minute Zumba dance class led by a team of instructors who call themselves Team AmaZIN. (ZIN stands for Zumba Instructor Network, licensed Zumba Fitness professionals.) Team AmaZIN instructors Sasha Alexander, J. Lynne J. Prikosovits and Armando Cruz donated their time and their expertise, and participants could donate whatever amount they chose to benefit YOTO.

Alexander, who has been a Zumba Instructor since 2012, cites Zumba as her life passion.  She teaches various types of Zumba, including traditional Zumba, Zumba Gold and Zumba Toning. Additionally, Alexander teaches Zumba chair classes for clients in assisted living communities, as well as Zumba classes for children and adults with disabilities.

Why Zumba?  Alexander notes, “Most people love music, and that’s where Zumba is a hands-down winner. Even if you aren’t a dancer, you get lost in the music.  That totally takes the boredom and dread out of your workout.  Two left feet? No problem!”

Alexander’s advice for fitness is actually a pretty good metaphor for any obstacle someone needs to tackle:  “Find something that ignites and inspires you, and go for it. I always remind my beginners that even those “wrong” steps still burn calories. Don’t worry about perfection: keep moving, listen to the music, and watch my cues.  Before you know it, your workout is DONE, and you’ve actually had fun in the process!”

Want to see more pictures of the fun, or maybe sign up for a Zumba class yourself?  Check out Sasha Alexander’s ZumbaHabit page here!

“Find something that ignites and inspires you, and go for it…Don’t worry about perfection:  keep moving, listen to the music, and watch my cues.” – Sasha Alexander

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