“In 8th grade, I was taken from my mother’s care and placed into DCS custody. They told me my mother was an unfit parent due to her use of drugs and because she was verbally and emotionally abusive.”

“Going through this and trying to get through school was hard. I wanted to give up on school on life! I just didn’t care. Everything I had was taken away from me!”

“During my junior year, my case worker introduced me to a program called YOTO (Youth On Their Own). YOTO has been a big help in getting me through high school, giving me the inspiration I needed to graduate by supporting and believing in me. They have provided much support – from food to stipends – all for which I am most grateful.”

“After high school I will attend Pima Community College. Thank you to the donors that have made this possible for me. I plan to obtain my associate’s degree and be successful in order to provide for my future on my own. I intend to create the life I didn’t have growing up as a child.”