Bill Carson’s dedication and hard work have been a huge help to YOTO, and have shown the impact that one man with an idea and a big heart can make.

As a counselor at Mountain View High School, Bill Carson worked with a group of students who were part of Youth on Their Own. After retiring, he certainly didn’t mind leaving behind meetings and paperwork, but Bill did miss getting the opportunity to help YOTO kids. He came up with another way to help these students: collecting cans and donating the proceeds to the organization.

Every Monday through Friday, with the exception of holidays, Bill collects cans in his neighborhood on the northwest side. Clocking in at about 30 hours a week, can collecting has turned into more of a full-time job. Digging through recycling bins isn’t always pretty, he says, but the exercise he gets spares him a trip to the gym.

The project has grown to the point where Bill had to swap his Toyota Camry for a truck in order to fit all of the collected cans he exchanges for money. His original goal was to collect $1,000 worth of cans, but nearly 10 years later, he’s gone above and beyond — his hard work adds up to $16,000… but he’s not done yet.

Although Bill gets help from his wife and various friends who drop in and out to lend a hand, collecting cans is still a big job. Bill would love to have more people join him on his can collections, and anyone interested (preferably living near the northwest side) can contact him at (520) 531-9589.

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