When her mom started dating again, Sabrina was initially pleased: she could see how happy this man made her mother, who had been depressed since her father left them. However, Sabrina realized very quickly that her mother’s new boyfriend was not a good person: he and Sabrina did not get along at all, and he verbally abused her when her mom wasn’t around, calling her names and telling her that she wasn’t worthy of being loved. One day, Sabrina got home from school to find all of her mother’s things were gone… she had left with her boyfriend and abandoned her only daughter, who was only in 7th grade.

Sabrina’s aunt put an ad in the newspaper to try and locate her mother, but it didn’t work: her mother never responded or showed up to gain custody of her. Sabrina moved in with her aunt who, being a young mother herself, does the best that she can but often struggles to make ends meet. However, in this new loving and caring home, Sabrina is thriving: she makes good grades in school and is overall a very sweet and smart young woman.

When Sabrina started school in the fall, she didn’t have any uniforms or shoes. Through YOTO’s Special Need Program, she received new shoes, 4 uniform pants, and 4 polo shirts. She also got a backpack, a flash drive, and other desperately needed school supplies. Her face was covered in joy and gratitude when she received these new items… it had been many years since she felt prepared and excited to go to school. With YOTO’s help, she is well on her way to begin high school on the right track!