Congratulations! You may be eligible to enroll in the YOTO program. Please contact the School Liaison at your school to move forward with the application process. If you don’t know who your School Liaison is, please call the YOTO office at (520) 293-1136 to find out.


Note: You and your School Liaison will fill out your application together.  In order to fill out the application, you must have a personal email address. Please make sure that you have access to a working email account before you proceed.

Request Services

Financial Assistance

Once enrolled in the YOTO program, you are eligible to receive a monthly stipend based on your grades and school attendance. In order to receive your stipend each month, you must complete a Stipend Request Form and submit it to your School Liaison.

Your monthly stipend amount will be determined by your passing grades, attendance record, and whether you are in middle school, high school, or in foster care/a group home. See below for a breakdown.

Stipend Request Forms are due the second Tuesday of every month. Stipends forms turned from Wednesday to Friday of the stipend due date week will not be processed until the following month. Any stipend forms turned in after the 15th of the month will not be considered. If you have any questions, please refer to your School Liaison for upcoming due dates and deadlines.

If you fail to turn in your stipend form for 2 consecutive months, you will be dis-enrolled from the YOTO program. If you are suspended or have altered your grades/Stipend Request Form in any way, you will be disqualified from receiving a stipend that month.

If you turn in your stipend form but are not earning a 2.0 GPA average, you will be placed on an Academic Improvement Plan. You will be required to meet with a YOTO Program Coordinator to set your own goals that should be attainable in one month’s time.

If you have questions regarding your stipend or academic performance, please contact your School Liaison or the YOTO office at (520) 293-1136.

Basic Human Needs

Once enrolled in the YOTO program, you may visit YOTO’s “Mini-Mall” once per week for items like food, clothing, hygiene supplies, and school supplies. If you are unable to visit the YOTO office, you may also submit a request through ClientTrack (link) for these items. A YOTO staff member or volunteer will deliver the items to your school within one week’s time.

You may also receive a monthly SunTran bus pass or a bicycle with a helmet and lock (depending on availability). It is your responsibility to refill your bus pass each month by calling the YOTO office at (520) 293-1136 ext. 113.

You may also request a gift card once per quarter (for urgent needs only!) and emergency financial assistance once per semester. The request for assistance may be up to $500 for living essentials or educational costs.

In order to receive these funds, you MUST complete a financial literacy workshop, be in good academic standing, and have made progress on your Academic Improvement Plan. All requests (including a copy of the bill or lease) must be submitted to your School Liaison.

(*Note: Requests are not guaranteed to be approved, even if they are in the eligible bills list. There are other factors that affect approval, including your student standing, availability of funding, etc.)

Guidance / Referrals

Do you need help with other things – like housing, medical care, applying for college/jobs, or even just someone to talk to? We at YOTO are here to support you. We offer workshops on topics such as healthy relationships, financial literacy, drug & alcohol prevention, navigating systems, employment help, and more! You may request these services online through ClientTrack, or call your YOTO Program Coordinator directly to receive a referral:

  • Kim Flores – (520) 545-0567
  • Diego Coronado – (520) 545-0582
  • Monika Cabrera – (520) 352-1059
  • Matt Schmidgall – (520) 545-0601

Not sure who your Program Coordinator is? Call us at (520) 293-1136 ext. 113 to find out!

If you are a YOTO junior or senior and are preparing for graduation, our Workforce Readiness Department is also here to help! We offer assistance in the following areas:

  • Resumes and Cover Letters
  • Job Searching
  • Career and Technical Education training
  • Job, College, and Financial Aid Applications
  • Scholarship search and application
  • SAT/ACT and ASVAB prep
  • Interests and Strengths assessments
  • Interview Preparation
  • Paid Internships at our Home Store
  • … and more!

To learn more, please contact Jacki-Vaughan Chaldy (College and Career Development Coordinator) at (520) 620-9289.

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If you need to enroll in the YOTO program or request services, please see your School Liaison or log in through ClientTrack. If you have a question regarding something else, please fill out the form below.

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