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“The Theory of Chaos proposes that a butterfly’s wings in Brazil can cause a tornado in Texas. Is it not ironic that chaos, something hectic and unplanned, would not happen at all if it was not articulated and timed perfectly? I see this theory as an important analogy for my life. When I was [...]

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When Julian was a young child, his parents divorced and his father quickly exited the picture. His mother soon met a guy, and this new addition to their family was anything but pleasant. This man was strict, demanding, and abusive to their mother… causing Julian and his younger brother to feel unsafe in their [...]

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Omar grew up surrounded by alcoholics, drug users, and gang activity… even getting involved with a local gang at a young age because he was tricked into feeling safe and secure. His parents didn’t care where he was or what he was doing, especially whether or not he went to school. Omar hated being [...]

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“I was raised in Iraq… specifically, in the Sinjar Mountain region. When I was a teenager, ISIS attacked us because we were not Muslim and they gave us a choice: either become Muslim, or lose your head. Fortunately, I got a chance to come to the United States because my brother was a translator [...]

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Growing up, Alex and his brother witnessed more than their fair share domestic violence. Their dad was an alcoholic, and their mother couldn’t control her temper or hold down a job. During the worst of times, Alex resorted to selling drugs in order to make ends meet for their family. Watching his older brother [...]

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Mariah and her family were new to Tucson; that’s why it came as such as shock to Mariah when her parents kicked her out of the house. She had recently broken the news to them about her pregnancy, and they wanted nothing to do with her. Other than her teachers and classmates, Mariah didn’t [...]

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When Janie was a teenager, her relationship with her father was strained. Years of neglect, lies, and distrust had severed their bond… but at the time, Janie had no one else to turn to. One day, after an argument spiraled out of control, she was ultimately removed from the home by the Department of [...]

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Washington Federal helps homeless youth with education

Washington Federal branches across Pima County have partnered with local nonprofit Youth On Their Own and its annual “Back to School Challenge.” Now through October 1, please visit any of the below Washington Federal locations and make a donation to the cause: 1833 S. 6th Ave. in Tucson 4788 E. Sunrise Drive in Tucson [...]

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Jason grew up loving both of his parents, but he knew they were not good role models. His abusive father was in and out of prison, and his mother – addicted to heroin – struggled with keeping her children off of the streets. To make ends meet, she’d often trick them into following her [...]

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Carly’s father was incarcerated and her mother was never part of her life, so she lived with her grandparents since she was an infant. Her grandfather struggled with alcoholism for many years, but eventually his addiction spiraled out of control. On repeated occasions, he tried to have sex with her. Her grandmother – who [...]

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