William, a local general dentist, has been practicing dentistry for 9 years. The Shreveport, Louisiana native came to Tucson to become a University of Arizona Wildcat. William, prior to college, had always gravitated to science-related courses and topics. As an undergraduate student, he explored multiple science and healthcare related options but enjoyed the artistic and esthetic challenge of dentistry and eventually solidified his path. He studied biochemistry and upon graduation, he enrolled at the University of Southern California to earn his doctorate in dental surgery. William then returned to Tucson to begin practicing as a dentist.

William is a father of 3 and when he is not busy with his practice and Youth On Their Own board meetings, he enjoys spending time with his wife and kids as well as camping and fishing when time allows. William was told about YOTO by a fellow board member and upon hearing the mission, he knew he wanted to get involved. Since joining the YOTO team, William has made time to attend all meetings and hopes to contribute more and more as time allows. He enjoys hearing and reading the stories of YOTO students who have made it through high school graduation and continue on to be successful despite being put in situations that most people have never experienced. William continues to be involved with YOTO because of the cause and is eager to do all he can to support and help Tucson’s homeless youth!

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