Jenna grew up in a household where it seemed like the only priority was getting high. Her parents were avid drug users, often neglecting their children and leaving them on their own for long periods of time. Eventually, Jenna and her sisters were removed from the home by DCS and placed with their grandfather, where they’ve lived for the past few years. Sadly, they still face economic hardship as their grandfather cannot afford to provide for all of their needs.

When her grandfather’s health began to fail, Jenna knew she needed to reach out for help. She enrolled in Youth On Their Own during her freshman year of high school and began receiving services for basic needs. During the holiday season, YOTO provided Jenna with a grocery store gift card so she could prepare a meal for her family. She is incredibly thankful for the support she receives, especially the monthly stipend that motivates her to do well in school.

Jenna is currently a sophomore and is set to graduate in the spring of 2019. She has plans to attend college or vocational school once she graduates.