Teri’s parents weren’t interested in having a loving relationship with their only daughter. Instead, they chose to verbally and emotionally abuse her for years. According to Teri, “My parents have always been disrespectful and rude to me, even when I tried my best. They like to call me names – like whore or slut.” After talking with her high school counselor, she finally had the confidence to leave her toxic living environment.

Teri now lives with a classmate and her family. She has had no contact with her parents and has had difficulty finding a part-time job after school because her parents refuse to release her documents (like her birth certificate and social security card). Despite this stress, Teri is incredibly motivated to finish school. Youth On Their Own has helped her with food, clothing, Advanced Placement (AP) exam fees, and a computer for school. “Without YOTO, I don’t know where I’d be,” she says.

Teri is currently a senior and will graduate in the spring of 2017. She has dreams of attending technical school and finally being able to enter the workforce.