“I was lonely and got involved with a boy who I thought loved me. I ended up getting pregnant, and my boyfriend ran out as fast as he could. So at 16 I was alone, pregnant, and without any family to help me. My parents were never in my life – they split up and didn’t want me or any obligations.

All my life, I have wanted to go to school. I love learning! If it wasn’t for the Youth On Their Own program, I would have dropped out. Youth On Their Own has helped me in many ways to continue my high school education. I had no job to provide for any of the things that I needed to survive – from school supplies to diapers. This program changed my life because it gave me the chance to go to college to hopefully someday become a veterinarian. Youth On Their Own has helped build my self-confidence and self-esteem. It has also given me courage. YOTO has made me feel like I can become someone that will make a difference in life and society.

Thank you to YOTO and the many donors that have made my successes possible! It is very humbling to realize that so many people that I will never know have helped me to graduate from high school. Even with caring for the 3-year-old son, I earned a scholarship and I am on my way to college. Because of my high school diploma, a local veterinarian gave me a chance to work in her office, so I have a job that I love, too!”