When Nadia’s parents found out she was pregnant, they kicked her out of the house and cut off all ties. For many months, she lacked stability in her life – moving from one friend’s couch to another – but knew that she needed to find a safe and secure place to raise her child.

When Nadia heard about Youth On Their Own through her guidance counselor, she knew she had found the beacon of hope she had been waiting for. YOTO has helped her with some of the many burdens she faces (such as food, diapers, and hygiene products). According to Nadia’s counselor, she is extremely hard-working and responsible – completing homework and online classes with her baby seated in her lap. Although her newborn is her top priority, she is also determined to graduate from high school to provide her daughter with the future she deserves.

Nadia is currently a senior in high school and looks forward to graduating in the spring of 2017.