School liaisons are the foundation of YOTO’s program. They are YOTO’s points of contact at each school, advocating on behalf of the students they support. School liaisons identify students in need, collect monthly stipend forms, distribute basic needs items, and much more. They do all this in addition to their normal school responsibilities and without being paid by YOTO. If it were not for the unwavering commitment of school liaisons, YOTO’s program could simply not run effectively.

At this year’s event, we honored Judy Rubin from Desert View High School as YOTO’s Liaison of the Year! Being a school liaison is very meaningful to Judy. She enjoys providing services to students and she sees firsthand how YOTO makes a difference in their lives. Upon receiving her award, Judy said, “I feel so honored! It means a lot to me to know that there are so many liaisons out there doing the same thing I’m doing. It’s very nice, and I appreciate it.” Congratulations, Judy!

YOTO's Volunteer of the Year Award
YOTO’s First “Ann Young Advocate for Youth Award”!