Volunteers have been the heart and soul of YOTO from the very beginning. Among other duties, YOTO volunteers staff our reception area, stock our Mini Mall, make weekly deliveries to schools, and prepare students’ stipend checks. In 2018-2019, volunteers collectively donated 9,338 hours of their time and saved YOTO over $230,000!

This year, the award for Volunteer of the Year was presented to Lori Dallman. Lori has been a YOTO volunteer since 2014, longer than most of YOTO’s staff have been around! When asked what she likes best about being a volunteer, Lori replied “I like volunteering at YOTO because I truly believe in the cause.  I can see how truly grateful the students are when they come into the Mini Mall. Not long ago, I met a former YOTO student in a professional capacity. She is now in her 30’s and has her own successful business. Her story made every hour that I spend at YOTO well worth it!” Thank you for your hard work and dedication, Lori!

YOTO's Volunteer Group of the Year Award
YOTO's Liaison of the Year Award